Watch This Vengeance Racing Twin Turbo Corvette Hit 203.06 MPH

Mike Bramati had the pleasure of racing the wicked C6 Vengeance Racing Twin Turbo Corvette. Black paint, black rims, and red interior; easily the most intimidating and angry look for just about any car, especially a Corvette. This beauty isn’t all looks though, what is under the hood is even more impressive.

Built by Vengeance Racing, this C6 Corvette, nicknamed SinisTTer, is a Twin Turbocharged monster capable of reaching speeds over 200 miles per hour. Recently, this awesome car competed in the Half Mile event located in Heavens Landing, Georgia. Mike Bramati and his black beauty took the award for fastest RWD car when he reached 203.06 miles per hour. If just the thought of reaching 200+ miles per hour doesn’t get your adrenaline pumping, here’s some additional food for thought: this car is laying down around 1,400 horses, and Bramati also reminds us that there is no traction control involved. Spin out going that fast, and you’re going to have a bad time.

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So turn up your speakers, and listen to what a 203.06 mph Vengeance Racing Twin Turbo Corvette sounds like. Spoiler alert: it’s incredible.

Via Gearhead Flicks

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Vengeance Racing Twin Turbo Corvette
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