Crazy Camaro Burnout: KILLA-B Impresses With Epic Pink Smoke Tire Destruction!

If you love American Muscle, then there’s a good chance that you can appreciate the burnt rubber, plumes of smoke, and screeches of fury that come with a big V8 laying down a nasty burnout.

It’s not just Americans that can appreciate a good burnout, though. In Australia, epic burnout competitions have become quite popular, and it’s not unusual at all to see American cars show up to put on an awesome show. Who can argue with a blown Camaro, Mustang, Challenger or Corvette roasting tires for the sake of a good burnout?

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One such competition that takes place in Australia is called The Ultimate Burnout Challenge. The video below captures the crazy Camaro burnout that won first place at the 2015 event. This┬ásupercharged KILLA-B Camaro, rocking a set of tires made for eruptions of burnout induced pink smoke, absolutely destroys the competition. This is easily one of the most impressive burnouts I’ve ever seen.

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Crazy Camaro Burnout Pink Smoke
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