Corvette Stingrays Go To WAR With Lambo, Supra And Mustang

After watching this footage from 1320 Video, I may have to consider moving to Houston, Texas. This squadron of  heavily modified Corvette Stingrays take to the roads and absolutely destroy the streets. However, they’re not the only ones that have come out to play.

All Out Corvette Stingray Street War

They’re also joined by a Lamborghini, a crazy 1200+ horsepower Supra, and V6 Mustang that is pumping out over 500+ Horsepower. However, these Stingrays haven’t come without a little bit of help. They’re heavily modified with superchargers,  running nitrous, and you can totally hear the rage in these engines. Just seeing this squadron of beauties would make my night.

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As beautiful as these cars are in the day, it’s hard to believe that they can look equally sinister and angry at night.

Via 1320 Video

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Corvette Stingrays Street War
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