Chick In A Corvette Stingray Vs Dodge Viper Trash Talker

I’m going to find this girl and marry her. There’s just something about a woman driving a Corvette, especially a C7, that gets me every time.

This totally marry-able human being decided to purchase a beautiful C7 Corvette Stingray for herself. However, 460 horsepower just wasn’t enough, so she went and got it Procharged. After all, this beast was never meant for Sunday drives and casual trips, she wanted to race. And race, she did.

Chick In A Corvette Stingray Vs Dodge Viper

Viper Trash Talk And Jokes From 2004

Here she is at the Street Car Takeover OKC, competing in the Drag Strip Roll Race against a Nitrous Outlet modified V10 Viper. The dude decided to talk some serious trash and pull out a very clever joke about making him a sandwich (I’m sure she’s never heard that one before, bro). When you talk smack like that, though, you had better make sure that you have a loaf of bread and salami standing by to pay up should you lose. So, can you tell from the girl’s million dollar smile who ended up owing whom a sandwich?

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Also, do any of you bros know how many horses the matte, trashcan grey paint job adds to the Viper? It’s gotta’ be at least 50.

Via 1320 Video

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Chick In Corvette Stingray vs Dodge Viper
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