Epic Fail: Camaro, Truck, and Jeep Get Stuck In The Sand!

Guys. Some friendly advice: stay away from wet sand. I know it looks super duper cool to be on the beach and this close to the surf in a sports car, pony car, etc, but just be satisfied with the cool factor of owning the car in the first place. If you want to end up stuck in the sand in a fail video, do what these guys did.

Take this Camaro owner, for example. Trying to launch Jet Skis into the ocean using a Camaro? Fail. Getting the Camaro stuck in the sand when the tide is coming in? Epic Fail. Unsuccessfully trying to use a 4×4 to free the Camaro? Fail. Potentially getting the 4×4 stuck, too? Fail. Just watch this complete and utter failure and see for yourself.

It’s not just RWD cars like Camaros and Mustangs that are vulnerable to sand. Allegedly, this guy decided to get drunk and drive his Dodge Ram through the surf.. then got stuck. Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly what happened after they stopped filming, but it does seem like the Ford Raptor wasn’t making much progress.

This Jeep owner basically did a swan dive into quicksand. A word of advice for future reference: salt water is very bad for your car – stay out of it.

Tips For Reducing Your Chances Of Ending Up In A Fail Video

If you’re going to take your car on the beach, here’s how to do it correctly. First, stay away from wet sand. Secondly, understand the role tire size and pressure play in being able to navigate through sand. Problems typically arise when your tires are too tall and narrow – the narrower the tire, the more they cut through the sand without being able to climb it. Reduce this problem by airing down your tires. Bringing them down by 30% typically suffices. This helps by increasing the footprint of the tires and the surface area that they are pressing down on. Driving in a straight line is also key. By doing so, the rear tires drive over sand that has been compacted by the front tires.

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Camaro Stuck In The Sand
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