Insane Corvette Z06 Vs Nissan GTR Nismo

With over 1,200 horsepower between them, this is certainly a match up between two incredibly powerful cars. If given the option, I think even the most loyal  Corvette or GT-R(Or Mustang) fanboy would gladly take either one of these beasts. Recently, MotorTrend put these two through their paces for a thorough comparison. While the two cars were both impressive, there could be only one winner.

This is one of the best head-to-head videos I’ve seen in a while. The evaluation is very balanced, and fair points are made against both competitors. One of the most interesting things for me about the new Z06 is how dedicated GM was to making this Corvette a track monster, even if that meant sacrificing some of the straight line acceleration. Though most Corvette guys love the idea of having a brutal, no-holds-barred acceleration monster, the engineers of the C7 Z06 were sure to balance the enormous power of the supercharged LT4 with incredible downforce to ensure that the ‘Vette would stay glued to the track even through the most ludicrous trajectories. Throw in some Michelin Pilot Cup tires, and you get a formidable rival for Godzilla himself, the GT-R Nismo.

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As the reviewer puts it, the GT-R Nismo does more with less. It’s the pinnacle of Japanese automotive engineering, but is that enough to take out the Stingray’s nasty big brother? Watch the video below to see how the two beasts measure up in the end.

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