This 9 Second Quarter Mile 2015 Corvette Z06 Is A Monster!

Meet the world’s first 9 second 2015 Corvette Z06. There was never any doubt (even if the haters won’t admit it) that this car was destined to be a beast. Most that have driven both the C6 Zr1 and the C7 Z06 will concede that the Zr1 is the rougher, ruder car out of the two, but that’s ok. The Z06 is essentially a Zr1 that was given a visual makeover and refined for the track.

LT4 Modifications For Serious Power Output

This car was already putting down enough power to achieve quarter mile times in the 10 second range, but this particular Corvette Z06 owner wanted to be one of the first drivers to achieve a 9 second time. So, with just a few modifications in mind, the guys over at Fasterproms went to work. By adding a 2.31 pulley, an upgraded supercharger, thermal reduction plates (to minimize heat soak),Hoosier drag radial, ARH 1.875, and a modified air box, the team was able to bring the power of the 6.2 Liter V8 from 650 to 714 horsepower.

The results? They were able to crush the quarter mile in 9.87 seconds at 138 miles per hour over at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida.  Right off the line, this beast hooked in its massive 325 rear tires and took off down the track, poised to achieve a sick time. It also sounded incredibly nasty while doing so.

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Sick car, guys. We’ll be looking forward to seeing how much more performance you’re able to squeeze out of this monster.

Via Fasterproms

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9 second quarter mile 2015 Corvette z06
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