2017 Ford GT Price Will Rival Ferrari and Lamborghini

Want a 2017 Ford GT? Then you had better start thinking of a really nice way to ask your boss for a raise. Read on, and also check out the video below where the price is alluded to. Additional pricing comments were made off-camera, according to sources.

The 2017 Ford GT price was just announced at the 2015 Geneva Auto Show, and it surpasses even the highest speculative estimates that accompanied the initial reveal of the gorgeous supercar. Ready? It looks very possible that the Ford GT will cost as much as $400,000. As the Ford rep put it, the price will be in the neighborhood of the Lamborghini Aventador which carries a similar price tag. Okay, let that sink in for a second, and then let’s try to put that in perspective.

Ford Domestic Supercar With An Exotic Price Tag

For the 2005 – 2006 production of the Ford GT, the car could be obtained from dealerships for a paltry $139,995. Some dealerships were trying to mark that price up an additional $100,000 dollars. As crazy as it may sound, had you purchased the car for 139K, or even the marked up 239K, you may have made a wise investment decision. Some Ford GT’s from that production run have sold for as much as $400,000, right in line with the projected initial asking price of the 2017 Ford GT.

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Let’s also compare the possible $400,000 price tag to some of the European exotics that Ford is trying to align itself with. The 2017 Ford GT actually makes the Huracan, which starts at $237,000, look like a bargain basement deal. The Lamborghini Aventador starts around $400,000, and the Ferrari 458 Italia starts north of $300,000. Ford has officially entered the exotic car game.

Performance Comparisons

While the price comparison is evident, performance is another subject. How does the 2017 Ford GT measure up to the exotics that it will compete with? Ford is being coy about the exact performance specifications of their recently revealed supercar. At this point, the Detroit automaker has only disclosed that the 2017 Ford GT will pack “more than 600 horsepower” into its 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6. Compare that against the 691 base horsepower that the Lamborghini Aventador packs, and it does have a bit of a power gap to close. However, my sense is that Ford is using a tactic recently utilized by both Chevrolet and Dodge. Both car manufacturers claimed “600+ horsepower” with the 2015 Corvette Z06 and Dodge Challenger Hellcat, respectively, but the official power ratings ended up being much higher (650 for the Corvette and an astounding 707 for the Hellcat).

Ford GT As A Symbol Of International Ambitions

There’s no doubt that this is yet another step in Ford’s initiative to become an internationally competitive producer of performance cars. Lamborghini and Ferrari are officially on notice; the Ford GT will be a car that is produced in limited quantities and can only be had by the same automotive influencers that purchase European exotics.

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Check out this video from the Geneva Auto Convention. It auto-starts at the Ford GT price announcement, but check out the entire video for other cool Ford news.

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2017 Ford GT Price Announcement
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