Behold The Mighty 2017 Ford GT. Full Walk-Around And Sexy Exhaust Sounds!

On Monday, January 12th, 2015, Ford came out swinging at the Detroit Auto Show. With minimal warning, they unveiled one of the most beautiful cars ever to grace the stage of such an event – the 2017 Ford GT.

While retaining a lot of the design cues of the original and the 2005 iteration of their supercar, Ford updated this piece of American history with aesthetic angles and flowing beautiful lines that also function as aerodynamic performance boosters. The front of that car retained the general look of its trademark headlights, but where the major revisions took place were in the rear. Unlike the Corvette redesign, the GT’s rear taillight retained their basic geometric shape, but have now been updated with stunning LED technology, and placed upon an otherwise redesigned rear.

Perhaps the biggest change to the GT is in the power plant. Rather than sticking to its naturally aspirated V8 roots, Ford made a decidedly bold statement with a Twin Turbo charged V6 that they are projecting will outputĀ at leastĀ 600 horsepower. Combine this with a lighter engine and more aerodynamic body, and I’d say we are in for quite the showdown next year when the car goes into production.

Now, more than ever, I hope that Chevrolet is planning on moving forward with the rumored mid-engined Corvette Zora. A new Viper, a new Ford GT, and a groundbreaking mid-engine Corvette will make for endless debates and countless videos of supercar shootouts… and I can’t wait.

Check out the video below; full walk around and you get to hear the surprisingly gutteral growl of the new V6! Nice.

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