2016 Camaro Exhaust Sound Is Mean!

This is it – the 6th Generation 2016 Camaro Exhaust sound. Those of us who can appreciate a good piece of American Muscle know the importance of pressing down on the gas peddle and hearing the fury of your vehicle.  After hearing this, I am beginning to entertain the idea of adding one of these beasts to my garage.

Judging from how furious this sounds, it is likely the SS model, which will use the C7 Corvette Stingray’s LT1 engine. That nasty exhaust note is made possible not only by the 6.2 liter LT1, but by an x-pipe exhaust system and by unique “tri-Y” exhaust manifolds(pictured below). This is sure to please fans that felt the 5th generation Camaro’s sounded a little weak with the stock mufflers. This is yet another indicator that the new GM is truly run by guys that love cars (as opposed to the GM of days past that was loved by old guys in suits that loved crunching numbers and cutting costs).

2016 Chevrolet Camaro Tri-Y Exhaust Manifolds

© General Motors.

The exhaust note isn’t the only juicy detail that was revealed about the new car. It’s rumored the interior will also be receiving a major upgrade. Sources have indicated that fans can expect the 2016 Camaro to have an interior comparable to the C7 Corvette Stingray, if not better. That would mean bolstered seats, stitched leather upholstery, a driver-focused interior layout, and plenty of other bells and whistles. No more car snob quips about how the interior just “isn’t that good.” All of these improvements will live under the three bar classic Camaro emblem, with a stark reduction in bowtie presence.

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The best part about it? If you can’t afford the Corvette Stingray, or Camaro’s are just more your style, you should be able to get the 460 horsepower V8 SS model for just around $30,000. Check out the exhaust sound below, and for even more tantalizing imagery and hints about the May 16th reveal, visit Chevy’s dedicated teaser site, Camaro Six.


2016 Camaro Tri-Bar Emblem © General Motors

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6th Generation 2016 Camaro Exhaust Sound
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